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Lil Wayne & Lloyd Duo Album? Lloyd Says It’s “The Best Of Young Worlds”

Posted By on March 4, 2008

Lil Wayne, the hardest working rapper, is now considering doing a duo album with the R&B star, LLoyd. Already joining forces on Lloyd's hit "You," which made his 2007 album Street Love go gold, Lloyd recently told Rhapsody that the two joined forces again on his upcoming album, and while they were recording a new song, he says the two talked of a possible joint album. "So I come out the booth," Lloyd said, "Weezy go in and do about 38 bars. The beat cuts off and he's still rapping. He's just killing it and I'm saying to myself, 'Oh this dude is incredible. I gotta work with this dude for real.' And from there, we started our relationship. We've even talked about doing an album together and calling it Best of Young Worlds."

The interviewer mentioned that Omarion and Bow Wow already on a similar type rapper/singer album, Lloyd watched his words and made sure to mention how Bow Wow & Omarion's Face Off would be different. "Lloyd and Lil' Wayne is a different kind of intensity from Bow Wow and
Omarion," Lloyd said. "We appeal to a much older crowd, and we a little
bit more hardcore with our style. But yeah, we definitely thinking
about it."

A release date for the new project has not been announced.