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Lil Wayne Picks Keyshia Cole Over G-Unit

Posted By on May 5, 2008

    Lil Wayne is getting ready for his new album, Tha Carter III, to be released on June 10th. Tour plans are on the mind of Weezy now. Wayne was talking to 50 Cent & G-Unit to go on tour after his album was released but now Wayne is changing his mind. "Um, that one, I don't think is gonna work no more, It was something that ain't went right." Lil Wayne said, speaking about the tour with G-Unit.

    Wayne told MTV News that "I think I might go out with
Keyshia Cole. You're bringing two different types of people in there.
You got people coming to soothe their souls with Keyshia, and you got
people who wanna throw their hands up with me. It's like listening to
the radio. I think a concert should be like listening to the radio.
When you listen to the radio, and your top-five or top-eight songs come
on, it's hip-hop, it's R&B. … I think you gonna get that from me
and Keyshia and whatever in between that."