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LiL Wayne Plans His Own Leak

Posted By on June 11, 2007

It's hard to figure out where to start with Lil Wayne because he has so much going on — from all types of albums to huge concerts.
I can't even lie, fam, it's hard to figure out where to start with Lil Wayne because he has so much going on — from all types of albums to huge concerts.

"That was crazy! No — that was cray-zee," Wayne said last week in Miami about his multiple performances last week at Hot 97's Summer Jam in New Jersey. "50,000 people! I never did a show in front of that many people before."

Hip-hop's most prolific mic killer is still rapping literally every day, so new music is in abundance. That being said, Weezy is not exactly crying that music being considered for his Tha Carter, Vol. 3 album was recently bootlegged and has wound up on a mixtape called The Drought Is Over: Tha Carter 3 Sessions. The only tears running down Wayne's face are tattooed on.

"We have to find out exactly what's out there," Wayne said about his music. "I'll probably just [collect] all the songs that's floating around and make my own mixtape called The Leak since people want the music so bad.

"To tell you the truth, though, there's a song I did with Kanye West out there — of course you want to save that for your album, but the rest of them songs probably wouldn't have made the album. There's a song floating around that says 'produced by Timbaland'; Tim didn't produce that record, though."

Timbo has worked on Carter 3, however: There's a record that will more than likely appear on the album featuring him, Justin Timberlake and Nelly Furtado. Kanye worked on a couple of other records for the album, as did Wyclef Jean. Wayne said he's now getting as many calls from people who want to contribute to his album as he is from people who want verses for their own projects.

Wyclef, Enrique Iglesias and Fall Out Boy are just a few that he's blessed lately. The big collabo, though, is the upcoming mixtape Blood Brothers, a CD that will mostly feature duets between Weezy and Game, with Jim Jones possibly popping up at least once on the project.

"Game called and asked me to get down. I said, 'Hell yeah,' " Birdman Jr. said. "The beats are not sounding like no regular beats. [I don't know who produced them] but they're sounding like some Dr. Dre beats."

That other duet project, I Can't Feel My Face: The Album — by Wayne and Juelz Santana — finally has a solid distribution deal and the paperwork should be done soon. The album is already done, so a summertime release is not too farfetched.

All the side work is making it easy for Wayne to stick to his guns and maintain that he wants Carter 3 to come out in 2008.

"I'm trying to sell 5 million copies," he said, adding that he's taking the advice of his good friend Nelly and wants to build the anticipation even more.

Oh, and dig this: Wayne has taken up the guitar for real. He's playing it at some of his live shows and is trying his hand at producing. And don't be shocked if you see an announcement soon that Wayne is producing most if not all of his pa Baby's next solo album.