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Lil Wayne Plans Video For “A Millie,” Different Versions Of Track Replace Skits On C3

Posted By on April 29, 2008

    While Lil Wayne still has over a month before his album, Tha Carter III comes out, the buzz is really starting to build. He has the #1 video on MTV's "TRL" and the #1 song on Billboard's Hot 100 with "Lollipop." His song "A Millie" is considered the hottest songs out right now by many DJ's. Wayne plans to shoot his next video for that track. There will be several different versions of "A Millie" on Tha Carter III. Instead of having skits, he's going to have young artists give their interpretations of the record.

    "I'm not gonna have skits on the album. [The different versions of 'A Millie'] will be where the skits would be," he explained. "It's gonna be like I'm calling home and the person who's on that track is gonna be, like, inside Tha Carter at that time. Only people I put on there is all new artists — artists I think is gonna be in this music sh– for a long time. Tyga, Corey Guns, Hurricane Chris, Lil Mama — it's gonna be ill. On the video, I'm introducing my artist, Lil Chucky. He's 13 years old. He's hot in the South. He's got his own part for 'A Millie' too."
    Although Jay-Z and Ludacris are some of the guests on Tha Carter III, Wayne says that his mother played a big part in the album by providing the picture for the album cover, which shows baby Wayne with tattoos on his face. "That's me!" he said. "All day. No computers. Only thing [digitally enhanced] was the tattoos…"

    Listen to All The Different Versions Of "A Millie" & "Lollipop" @ itsWayne.com, Click Here!