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Lil Wayne Replies To DJ Leaking His Album, Fans Make Sales Predictions For Tha Carter III

Posted By on June 10, 2008

    Lil Wayne has a history of making some big statements in interviews, saying he's the best rapper alive was only the start. Recently Lil Wayne made some remarks about mixtape DJs which he later told DJ Drama on Shade 45 he only meant toward mixtape DJ The Empire. Weezy was upset that the DJ had put out so many mixtapes on him without even getting his ok. Even though Wayne told Drama what exactly he meant by the comments, many DJ's have been responding pretty negatively toward Lil Wayne. The Carolina King, Chuck T, blasted Weezy in an e-mail post and leaked Tha Cater III in retaliation. Lil Wayne talked about the leak saying “It harms me in no way, first of all, I am good music. Bootlegged or not, what you just heard, or what you will hear, is great.”

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Fans Make Sales Predictions For Tha Carter III