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Lil Wayne Retuns Home, Talks About U.K. Tour & Static Major

Posted By on March 23, 2008

As we have been previously reporting, Lil Wayne has been touring overseas, and it has had it's up's and it's down's. For Lil Wayne, things like getting hit with a bottle, aren't a big deal. Sure "It's scary at first" to get infront of the U.K. crowds "but then refreshing when you walk offstage and hear everyone shouting, 'Weezy, Weezy, Weezy'" continuing "they know the words to my songs, my girlfriends' phone numbers, everything. Wayne's single, "Lollipop" [watch here] recently debuted in the U.S. and even Wayne didn't know it at first. "Im not gonna front, I haven't been home yet, so I didn't know it was out. My mom called me yesterday and was like, 'I like it' and I was like, 'Like what?" The smash single features Static Major, who recently passed away. Wayne says that the "whole song and event is in momory of him." Wanye continued "as a person, he was great", "he's a songwriter extraodianaire." Static Major had plans to release a solo album this year and for the single Wayne even said "I wrote the treatment to that video too," "we tried to go with the 'Blues Brothers' type of thing, just because I never shot a video where I'm actually not rapping, so that was just enough in itself." Wayne is back in the United States and his "A Millie" [listen here], the next single from The Carter III, is taking off already.