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Lil Wayne reveals he has 90 Songs with Dr. Dre Recorded

Posted By on October 26, 2012

Best Rapper alive and Grammy winner Lil Wayne unleashed a bombshell this week when he talked about his in-studio relationship with the legend Dr. Dre and how they have around 90 songs recorded together. It was only a matter of time until these two worked closely together as Lil Wayne has worked with everyone under the sun. Dr. Dre known for his weird recording process has been drip feeding Wayne tracks sending him random beats every once in awhile to record.

Wayne recently released a headphone line under the “Beats By Dre” headphones which was brought together by Interscope CEO Jimmy Iovine.

Unsure on where these songs will eventually appear, they probably will be locked in the “Dre Vault” until someone cracks the code and leaks them. However there is great chance that at least one track will appear on the longest anticipated album “Detox” but maybe a few rejects will be released on Weezy’s next solo album “I Am Not a Human Being 2” that will be tentatively released in December.