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Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne talks beef and has craziest song for Eminem

Posted By on October 29, 2007

Let's get right down to the heart of it: Is Lil Wayne dissing 50 Cent
on his new Tha Carter III song "Gossip," when he says, "Stop hating on
a n—a. That is a weak emotion/ The lady of a n—a," and, "Put a body
bag and an apron on a n—a"?

50, of course, has openly been trying to bait Wayne in interviews and
in songs with jabs here and there. So is Wayne addressing Fif? "Of
course not," the Uptown Hollygrove Fireman scoffed. Wayne says if he
has a problem with someone, they won't have to hear a song to know it.

"I recorded that song in 2006," he explained about "Gossip." "I don't
make records or say anything about people. I don't beef with people.
Everybody knows that. … My words are more important than you. I got
kids listening to me. I got grown folk listening to me. I got
intelligent people listening to me. I want the words I say to come
across [as] important. I want you to relate those words to me, not some
guy or some girl. If you hear about me beefing with somebody, you gonna
hear about it when I'm in jail."

The conversation took a 180-degree turn when Wayne started talking
about the Hot Boys. Yes, the reunion in is full swing, and he promises
an album from himself, Turk, B.G. and Juvenile sometime in 2008. Some
of them have already been working together.

"You are gonna get it. It ain't no new members," Wayne explained. "We done matured and grown into our own situations.

"Capability," he added about how they were able put their differences
aside. "Everybody is capable of doing. Everybody is down with it. We're
all good. 2008! We started working on some things right now. We got
something coming on Juvie's album [the yet-unscheduled Diary of a
Soulja] though."

Last week Wayne told MTV News that on December 18 he'll release Tha
Carter III: The Leak. That collection will consist of four new songs as
well as bootlegged material, such as "Prostitute Flang" and "I Feel
Like Dying." His next proper studio album, Tha Carter III, has a
tentative date of February 12.

"I got a big album, man," he said. "I'm afraid. I ain't never do
nothing like this … Justin Timberlake and Timberland is on there.
Eminem, I got the craziest song for him. I haven't sent it over yet

Another track Weezy is considering is his own version of Playaz
Circle's "Duffle Bag Boyz." He sings the hook on the first version of
the track and raps on the remix.

Meanwhile, his own guest-appearance card remains filled to the brim. He
appears on Jay-Z's American Gangster LP on a song called "Hello
Brooklyn," then there's Fat Joe's just-released "The Crack House" and,
of course, Kanye West's "Barry Bonds."

"That's not my choice, man," he laughed when asked whether there will
be a video for "Barry Bonds." "Somebody else gotta make that call. I'm
ready. I'm ready whenever, wherever."

As for "The Crack House," Wayne said, "Joe called me and was like,
'Weezy, I need another one. We did it on "Make It Rain." I need one
better, harder, and I need the hook to be stupid.' I said, 'I'mma try
my hardest. That [hook] was my first submission. Anybody I do a song
for, I let them know, "If you don't like this one, I got another one.
If you don't like that one, I got another one." ' We did it." …