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Lil Wayne Talks Deposition Tapes “I Look Badass”

Posted By on September 30, 2012

One of the most talked about videos on the internet right now is the Lil Wayne Deposition videos that were leaked by TMZ earlier this week. In the videos Lil Wayne is in deposition over a lawsuit Wayne is in where Lil Wayne is suing QD3 (Quincy Jones 3rd aka Quincy Jones son). Wayne is suing over unauthorized use of Waynes image and music in a documentary that QD3 put out called ‘The Carter’. This isnt the first time Wayne tried to stop QD3, as back in 2009 when the documentary was about to come out Wayne tried multiple times for a court injunction to stop the release however he failed.

The deposition was from June 20th 2012 and shows how much of a gangsta Wayne actually is, as he plays Pete Ross aka QD3’s Lawyer like he is some bad interviewer. During the deposition, Wayne spouts off hilarious one-liner after one-liner, calling one of the lawyer’s questions “the stupidest ever,” and not remembering anything really except a performance “at a bad bitchessss birthdayy…crazy stupid thick”.

Everyone has been wondering how Lil Wayne feels about these leaked tapes and sources close to Weezy say he finds them hilarious and that he looks “bad-ass” in them.

Lil Wayne Deposition Video