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Lil Wayne Talks Growing Up In Music, Sizzurp & Signing Jae Millz

Posted By on April 21, 2008

    Lil Wayne recently sat down with DJ Semtex to talk about many things. We already aired Part One [watch here] where he talked about touring in the UK, his history in the rap game and how he would like to do a collab with Eminem. Now in Part Two, Wayne opens by talkin about his love of "sizzurp" and that people shouldn't worry about him.

    Wayne says since he signed his deal at 11 years-old, he grew up on the road, in the music industry business, rather than just New Orleans. When asked about New Orleans recovering from Hurricane Katrina, Wayne suggested watching the news as he doesn't have time to keep up with that as he is just really busy. Weezy goes on to talk about signing Jae Millz and how at first he didn't know how good he was. Lil' Wayne finished up by giving some advice for upcoming artists and rappers.

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Lil Wayne – DJ Semtex Interview Part 2