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Lil Wayne Tells Tim Westwood He Isn’t Worried About Sizzurp

Posted By on March 19, 2008

Lil Wayne was recently on the Tim Westwood Show in the UK and discussed many different topics, including his use of perscription cough syrup, which caused a part in the death of Houston rapper Pimp C. "I can step out here right now and my bus can flip over so I ain't worrying about health risks and all that," Wayne told Westwood. Wayne is famously  known for always carrying a cup around that holds a mixture of soda and/or alcohol and perscription codeine ("sizzurp") and Wayne wasn't shy to talk about it, saying "I pour it up for Pimp C, I pour it up for Bun B, I pour it up for young me, ya dig?" [Watch here] Bun B, Pimp C's partner in UGK, has stopped using the famous sizzurp after Pimp C died and even took it out of his songs, recently saying "I had had a verse on this album (II Trill) about sizzurp and just all things considered with my personal situation; I thought it would've been in poor taste for me to do a song talking about drinking syrup but that's just me." When Bun B was asked bout Wayne stopping the use of the drug, he said "If Wayne chooses to stop at some point that'll be Wayne's decision."

Watch Lil Wayne on Tim Westwood Here