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Lil Wayne to star in Online Reality Show

Posted By on June 28, 2007

After releasing "Da Drought 3" mixtape a few weeks ago, Lil Wayne is set to star in a new online reality series. The show, "Making the Next Hit! With Lil Wayne," aims to discover new producers, models, singers, comedians and rappers, and will be hosted by veteran MC Busy Bee and Pit, producer of the Shop Boyz’ "Party Like a Rockstar."

"We've created a TV and radio online program,” says David Swagga, radio host and spokesperson for TheNext.tv. “We'll air 27 hour-long episodes because we'll be taping the talent searches in 27 cities."

"Making the Next Hit!" will air via the new web channel theNext.TV beginning in January. The production crew will hold auditions in Philadelphia on Aug. 12, to be followed by events in Atlanta, New Jersey and New York. Once the show chooses a winner, Cash Money Records will have first right of refusal in signing that act.

"This is our channel's first show and we're using Lil Wayne's popularity to create a buzz," says Noel Rodriguez, one of the show's producers. "We'll begin airing the show online in January and it will culminate in a celebrity bash held in Miami."

Wayne also released a YouTube video this weekend , explaining that his upcoming "Tha Carter 3" album was leaked. In response, the rapper plans to release the leaked tracks as a mixtape simply called "The Leak." A new and improved "Tha Carter 3," according to Wayne, will drop in 2008. Until then, Wayne and Juelz Satana's duet album, "I Can't Feel My Face" is being held up with "paperwork" but Wayne promised a single this month.

As for Wayne's Young Money Entertainment, the MC says the label will
release a group album as well. "The group is going to be Bad Ass
Grasshopper," he reports. "The first single is going to be called 'Rap,
Rock, R&B.' You know what, I think we'll do a mixtape called 'Rap,
Rock and R&B' to introduce what we're doing."

On top of everything else, Lil Wayne colleague Birdman is also
releasing a solo album this year. Wayne also penned the video treatment
for first single "Poppin' Bottles."