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Wayne Responds to Gille Da Kid in King

Posted By on August 23, 2006

However,recent clashes with former fellow Hot Boys Juvenile and B.G. have divided his hometown.(To Wayne’s credit,on B.G.’s “Triggaman” diss, B.G. concedes, “You can spit/You a beast/I ain’t lyin’/You can go.”)Wayne’s approach has generally been to play it cool and dismiss the attacks as unworthy of reply.”You got peons dissin me,” Wayne sneers, “we gon’ go at this n!gga and see if he looks down the ladder.”

The harshest blow to his bid for the number-one spot may be the allegation from Cash Money act Gillie the Kid (once of Philly rap crew Major Figgas) claiming he ghostwrote for Tha Carter.If the rumor has Wayne worried,he is doing a fantastic acting job. Wayne lowers his shades-“Ima go and take my glasses off,” he says,”so when you tell your friends this story,you can say ‘I know he wasn’t lying to me.”‘
Wayne goes on to refute the accusation,point by point.

First,he describes his recording process: Like Jiggaman,Wayne says he’s recorded notebook-free as of Tha Carter,whichmeans Wayne records in four-bar spurts,punching in and out over the course of the session with breaks for calls,drinks and drugs until the song is done.No paper,no ghostwriting.Weezy next attacks the vagaries of the cliam.

“The n!gga said, ‘I was there,Carter 1,Carter 2,all the stunna albums.’ So was you, so was weed,cocaine,uh…Patron, um…bitches…uh…You know how much stuff was there?!”
Next,Wayne notes that Gillies’s accomplishments,or lack thereof,don’t support his claim.

“mu’fuckas considering me the best… you got six mixtapes out,” Wayne says. “No one’s considering you for shit.” He re-fuels the fire: “Why you ain’t spit Wayne shit on yours then?What kind of n!gga can write for another n!gga and sound better than they self? [who the] fuck is you,Ne-Yo?”
Wayne stands up suddenly and dramatically. “I’ma keep it real real.You can go ask my old Squad Up clique! We wadn’t even much fuckin’ with Cash Money when I recorded Carter 1!” The whole room by now is in tears,and Wayne continues,”Baby and me weren’t seein’ eye-to-eye with that Squad Up [side project] We recorded that all on our own.”

Bottom line, did Gillie contribute any ideas or lines at all to your projects?Stone-faced,he scowls and says,”Naw sir! My daddy been buried since I was 14,and I put that on his soul.”

Source: King Magazine