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LL Cool J Talks Life After Def Jam

Posted By on July 10, 2009

    Now that LL Cool J has finished his music contract with Def Jam, what does the hip hpo mogul plan to do? James recently appeared on "The View," [watch here] saying he plans to continue to make music and tour. "Two things, first of all, making albums is a way of expressing my creativity," LL explained. [watch here]

     LL continued by saying he plans to do more business ventures. "So I can express my creativity through business. I can express my creativity through my clothing line. I can express my creativity through the different ventures I have. I still wanna do live music and I still do live concerts so people will see me on tour. I'm just not running around looking for a record deal like 'Please listen to my demo.' [laughs] Like right now, that's not what I want to do right now." [watch here]

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