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LL Cool J preps Exit 13 ‘The album is serious’

Posted By on January 5, 2008

Queens, New York Hip-Hop icon LL Cool J and Harlem rapper Jim Jones
have collaborated on a new track for LL Cool J’s upcoming album, Exit 13.

 The album, which features appearances by Jim Jones, Method Man and
Lil’ Kim thus far, is due in stores this year. [Jim wrote his verse
with] No pen or nothing, he just looked up in the air and just came up
with some heat," LL Cool J said during an interview with BBC Radio 1’s Tim Westwood in New York. "The album is serious."

 The rapper revealed that one of his keys to longevity was his ability to evolve with Hip-Hop music.

 "There’s a lot of room out there for everyone to get what the need
to get. Dreams don’t have deadlines, so you might as well embrace the
new era the new time and the new groups and all that. Don’t be standing
up under Niagara Falls saying ‘wait a minute’ cause it’s going to keep
flowing anyway. You might as well get with the program all that and
rock out and enjoy yourself and live life."

  In addition to Exit 13, LL Cool J’s James Todd Clothing line is due in stores in February of 2008.