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Lloyd Banks Alleged Victim Describes Beat Down

Posted By on January 14, 2010

    The alleged victim of G-Unit rapper Lloyd Banks is speaking out about about what he says went down recently. Chris Hines gives a first-hand account of what injuries he sustained and why he says he had no choice but to take it. "I've done parties where Jay-Z showed up, Mick Jagger, the Wayne Brothers," Hines said in an interview. "After the first punch, it was like, `Okay, he's upset, disrespecting me a little bit, but cool, I'm not going to be stupid.' I sat on my hands to show them like `Hey, I'm not trying to do anything crazy.' I knew if I fought back there was going to be no winning." [Lloyd Banks – Arrested For Assault & Robbery – Watch Here]

    He then continued by describing step by step of the events. "When they hit me again, I fell on the floor. Then it really started to hit me, `What the F is going on?' I've never heard of anything like this happening. You can curse people, maybe you don't talk to them again, but for it to get physical – nobody was drinking and nobody was doing drugs. I think what really got this to escalate was peer pressure." [Chris Hines Talks About Lloyd Banks Alleged Beat Down – Watch Here]

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