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Olivia Talks Lloyd Banks Success (Video)

Posted By on March 25, 2010

     Ex-G-Unit member, yet stil curren R&B singer Olivia recently talked about Lloyd Banks and his all of a sudden "Beamer,Benz, Bentley" single taking off. Talking about the jokes that Lloyd Banks made in privious interviews when he playfully called her out for lyring, Olivia said "See, most people don't understand when you're doing a written interview, everybody takes it another way, it seems like 'Oh, he's trying to be…' no d*ckhead, he's being funny," Olivia said.. "We're all in the same crew, we all say stuff, but that was him trying to get a jab back when I was on Ed Lover going 'Ah, he's always late!' [laughs] When I was in the group, I always told everybody he was my favorite lyricist, so everybody knows that. and that's probably why everybody used to be like, 'Oh, they're boyfriend and girlfriend.' No dummy, he's just hot [lyrically.] I'm glad he's getting the success off this record, I think it's long-awaited, I always thought he was dope. The record is hot. Juelz [Santana] just added more to it and I just want him to be back in New York to promote the record."

Olivia – Talks About Former G-Unit Partner Lloyd Banks