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Lloyd Banks Hangover-Inspired Single (Audio)

Posted By on March 31, 2011

    G-Unit's own Lloyd Banks recently spoke about his new "So Forgetful" single off of his "Hunger For More 2" album. Banks says that the 2009 hit-comedy movie "The Hangover" was the inspiration for the new song.

"I believe in that when [you're] building an album, every song should have a different mood," he said. "When I heard the certain notes that was played, it just brought me into the nightlife. It sound like something that I could enjoy, the fellas can enjoy as well as the ladies. "Actually, I thought [of] the concept of movie ['The] Hangover.' I thought that was pretty dope how they had went away for the weekend and so many things happen and that was kind of like the metaphor. I was bringing them into the life of a rap star or an R&B star — what it would be like. Sometimes, you literally wake up and forgot how you got there." (MTV)

Lloyd Banks ft Ryan Leslie – So Forgetful