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Lloyd Banks

Lloyd Banks Calls Out Rick Ross

Posted By on April 26, 2010

     G-Unit member Lloyd Banks recently called out Rick Ross for saying Def Jam Records wouldn't ever sign him and how he might even go to the label. Banks says Rick Ross would have to come invade the New York office all the way from Florida. "I think he would make it his business not to be in the building when we around," Banks said referring to if he were signed to Def Jam. "Some things you just can't control. When, if, I get into that building, I will be the bigger business. You understand what I'm saying? So he would go from having an office to just operating from Florida. Pretty much. He knows that. This is the same guy months ago that said Def Jam would never sign me, what's he an idiot? He's crazy man. They putting that stuff up they nose. That stuff man, put them lobsters down and pick up the mic. I'm just saying. I haven't had security, you're just gonna see me and my guys [when we're traveling]. Me? I can be professional and have a level mind, but things happen. Difference with me is these guys is a little older and the guys around me are still young and stupid, so I would hope not to run into those types of situations just for me. I've done been in this game for seven, eight years and the people, you just got understand when to separate the rapping from the real problems. You don't be no bump into these guys [types of] situations, they make it they business not to be there and I can go anywhere I want to go. I've been doing it and won't nothing stop."

Lloyd Banks – Says Rick Ross Lied, Def Jame Would Sign Him