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Lloyd Banks Talks Rumors Of Leaving G-Unit

Posted By on April 28, 2010

     According to Lloyd Banks, all the rumors of him leaving G-Unit to pursue a solo career at like Def Jam, are not true. Lloyd says he will always be part of G-Unit.
"It's Banks on my own to a certain extent," Lloyd explained to television host DJ Envy. "But as far as me leaving G-Unit, like, that's, stop it. It's too late to hate, I think it comes from a lot of the ungrateful people who had opportunities. I was there from 50 Cent is the Future and the things he's done for me and my career, I'm so grateful for it, a lot of artists don't have the opportunity to have seen what I've seen. My first tour was a 50-city tour, you know what I mean, we all got experience. He gets me out here and 50 feels comfortable enough to say 'Go ahead and do your thing!' A lot of people, Def Jam, Interscope. I think they have the sorry bag in [the left] hand and the let's talk bag in [the right] hand. I mean, it's a business at the end of the day. I understood that. I came into the game at 20 years-old. Maybe 19 years-old and nobody comes in experienced. You hit your bumps and things are looking really bright for me right now."

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