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Lloyd Banks Replies To Rick Ross Dissing Eminem

Posted By on April 30, 2009

    As we reported yesterday, Rick Ross decided to take it a step further by calling out Eminem once again, this time maybe going a little to far. In a new video Ricky is shown saying "Now they [Whoo Kid in a video last week] saying "munghkey" could be black-on-black racial. So the only way I can fix that: Eminem, you’re a munghkey. He’s really a hunghkey [honky]. But that’s racial…It’s no longer Curly, RIP. Now he’s Woodface." [watch here]

    Now G-Unit member, Lloyd Banks, has responded to the entire situation telling MTV "As far as calling out Eminem, c’mon man. That’s just gonna make me spank on you even harder," Banks said Thursday (April 30) [watch here], before revealing that he has another diss record coming for Ross, who he slammed with his recent "Officer Down" track. [listen here] "I got ‘Officer Down, Part II’ coming. He’ll have to deal with that," Banks added [watch here]

LLoyd Banks Responds To Rick Ross Dissing Eminem