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Lloyd Banks Talks Leaving Interscope

Posted By on May 11, 2009

    After Rick Ross recently said that not only is Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo, but G-Unit, dropped from Interscope, Banks himself has commented on the situation. "I was ready to make a move,” Banks said about leaving Interscope. [watch here] "I’m a brand-new engine. If anything, it’s their loss. It’s been a dark shadow cast upon that. That’s why you hear [Funk Master] Flex on the radio [boycotting Interscope], because it’s an aura created around that machine, and the artists automatically get smacked in the head." [watch here]

    "[An artist signed to Interscope] doesn’t even know what’s going on," Banks added. [watch here] “You just turn on the radio, and they’re saying, ‘F— Interscope Records,’ and you fall into that batch. So it’s almost a foul taste in the mouth when they deliver the record. I felt it’s time for me to go somewhere where it’s not biased and I get a fair shot. There’s a lot of stuff on the table right now. You don’t wanna speak about it until it gets ironed out all the way." [watch here]

    Lloyd Banks says Polow Da Don, Swizz Beatz and Just Blaze will be contributing beats to his new LP, and he wants some of the A-list MCs to get down as well. "Everything happened for a reason,” Banks said. “I feel like I’m so
blessed because of my work ethic and how easy the music is coming to
me. It feels so good to be an independent artist with a brand. I have
direct deals with iTunes and things of that nature, where it’s direct
money coming to me. It’s 50 percent of me that’s not pressed to be on a

    "I have the Lloyd Banks branding and also the G-Unit branding," he
added. "It hasn’t really been an artist out there independent that is
still capable of getting out there and regenerating energy. Most of the
[well-established] artists that’s independent, it’s after they dropped
seven or eight albums on a major. I have two albums off a major, and
everybody is anticipating what I’m doing now off of the mixtapes."

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