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Lloyd Banks

Lloyd Banks Says Weezy Motivated Mixtape Return

Posted By on June 12, 2009

    Lloyd Banks is returning to the mixtape game and although he says that G-Unit pretty much started the mixtape formula, Banks says that part of his return is due to Lil Wayne and how Weezy used mixtapes to promote and market himself. "I would lie to say it doesn't," Banks said regarding Wayne's motivation. "You need something — it's right there plain in your face. I always felt like that was the formula, like that was the structure I needed to be successful. It's just like the record label looks at it like you're over-saturating. They don't understand the freestyle. They don't make any money off of the freestyle. Anything that they don't make money off of, it doesn't make sense."

     Banks went on to explain why he got out of the mixtape game to start with. "That's why I had to get away from it. You can't tell me this shit doesn't make sense when this is what got me sittin' in your office. We've done it! We've made it possible for Wayne to understand that formula, and he took it and ran with it!"