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Lloyd Banks

Lloyd Banks The Relationship Guru (Video)

Posted By on July 15, 2010

      Lloyd Banks recently stepped away from rapper to give advice on relationships to couples. When asked if its acceptable for lovers to keep in contact with ex-lovers, Lloyd gave some cautions that couples should take. "I could understand it to a certain extent but I also understand that when people are scared to go forward they usually go backwards so just know that that would be the first person that he or she considers to go back to. To each is own but I don't know how that would affect me because I've never had a girlfriend. But as far as disrespect, you definitely can't deal with that. I work too hard and got too many other things going on to be in the mix of all of that. It's hard to explain that my album didn't get turned in because I'm going through it so you definitely gotta be on the same level and understand what's going on. Being naive and agreeing to disagree is not gonna work. Make sure you're on the same page."

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