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Lloyd Banks

Lloyd Banks Puts DJ Whoo Kid On Timeout

Posted By on September 7, 2010

     G-Unit's own Lloyd Banks recently talked about putting DJ Whoo Kid on hold after he says he's made the DJ tons of money already. Banks also talks about not wanting to put out another mixtape.

     "Well Whoo Kid, he's on like, he's suspended right now, at the moment," Banks said in an interview. "I made that guy so much money and did so many mixtapes with him. I put out five mixtapes in a year. He's been hitting me lately because he knows I'm getting ready to drop, so he's pressing me for a mixtape but I don't know man. I know I'm gonna scatter material out so they're gonna be hearing freestyle material on radio shows, the Internet, sprinkling it all around. But as far as a whole body of work on a mixtape, I don't know if they gonna get one. I mean, we'll see how things go but I never stop working on that underground material because it gives me the advantage to speak on current events. Who knows, somebody could speak on Banks tomorrow and something would be out by Friday."

Lloyd Banks – Puts DJ Whoo Kid On Time Out