Lloyd Banks Talks Details Of New Album

Lloyd Banks Talks Details Of New Album

      Lloyd Banks recently opened up about his upcoming "Hunger For More 2" album and what artists fans can expect to be on it. Banks says you can expect G-Unit members and even Wu-Tang Clan's Raekwon and The Lox's Styles P.

      "As far as features go, of course, 50 Cent is on the project, Tony Yayo is on the project," Banks revealed in an interview. "I got Raekwon on a joint, I just spoke to him. Just spoke to Styles P, waiting on that back. Nipsey Hussle and a few other things that's still in the workings. I'm in the tailor end of the project right now. Just waiting for the features to get back and seeing who's a good fit then the next week or so, I'll have a more realistic list of what they can expect from HFM2."

Lloyd Banks – Talks New Album


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