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Lloyd Banks Responds To Kanye West

Posted By on September 10, 2010

      Lloyd Banks recently shared his reaction to being called one of the top 5 hip hop artists in the game by Kanye West last night. Banks says the compliment did not go unnoticed and expressed how much he appreciated the tweet.

     "Last night I was in the studio," Banks revealed in an interview when asked where he was when he learned of the shout-out. "Somebody hit me with that and told me what [Kanye West] said as far as the Top 5 thing and I mean, it's just like, for me hearing that, it's like d*mn because I have the utmost respect for what he does as an artist, so I mean, it's cool, I definitely appreciate it. I don't think it was ever any bad feelings towards Kanye from anybody, just more of a competitive thing. Rap is like a sport, football they line up on a line and knock each other down. Basketball, they run up and down the court. It's all about competing, you know, I think it just makes it that much better when you do collaborate after some time."

Lloyd Banks – Talks About Kanye West's Tweet