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Lloyd Banks

Lloyd Banks Explains New York Importance

Posted By on October 12, 2010

    G-Unit member Lloyd Banks recently talked about how important it is for his fellow New York rappers to collaborate on his upcoming album, including 50 Cent and Tony Yayo. Banks says in the past, G-Unit's inner circle ties limited their urge to make outside collabs.

     "Nothing stays the same and this kind of change … a lot of people are looking at it like the collaborations are happening all of a sudden," he said. "But it's because when we first came out in the industry we had such a big umbrella that if you needed a feature you didn't have to look too far. If you needed an R&B feature, Nate Dogg was there. Or Snoop was there if you need a weed record; Buck was down South. We had so much under the umbrella that I didn't need to look outside the circle. The collaborations, specifically the New York ones, are importantcially if we want to get back in the position that we should be."


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