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Lloyd Banks Hunger Debuts At #1; Brandy Settles For #3

Posted By on July 7, 2004

Roc-A-Fella had better watch its back: 50 Cent is developing a dynasty of his own.

With skills to match the G-Unit’s main man, Lloyd Banks will follow in 50’s footsteps by debuting at #1 on the next Billboard 200 albums chart. Last week Banks sold more than 433,000 copies of his debut, The Hunger for More, according to SoundScan figures released Wednesday (July 7).

And though as a collective, the G-Unit’s Beg for Mercy debuted with fewer sales than either rapper’s debut, considering it hit shelves at the same time as Jay-Z’s The Black Album and Tupac’s Resurrection, the 376,000 copies it sold is nothing to scoff at.

While certainly impressive — only five other albums had greater first-week sales in 2004 — Banks’ draw can’t touch that of 50, whose Get Rich or Die Tryin’ moved more than twice that number after its first week in stores last year. Still, since then, no other hip-hop artist has had a better first week.

Banks’ massive debut might surprise some, but the man himself is through being fazed with his success. “I didn’t know, but 50 knew,” Banks said. “He told me it was gonna happen, so I could be cocky and feel confident in every move we made. I never was shocked because it’s hard to be shocked when somebody’s telling you, ‘We’re gonna look to the corner and jump out and they gonna mob you and run up to you for autographs.’ ”