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Ludacris Talks About His New Conjure Mixtape

Posted By on February 8, 2010

     Ludacris recently talked about his remixing Snoop Dogg's "I Wanna Rock" single. "I did a verse to the beat," Chris said in Los Angeles last week. "I love the beat so much. That's one of the beats that comes on and you feel instant gratification. Somebody put my verse sandwiched in between the Jay and the Snoop verses [on the] G-Mix. It's all good. I just want people to hear it. Whatever it is, y'all just need to listen to it."

     Before Ludacris put's out his "Battle Of The Sexes" album, Luda dropped his new "Conjure" mixtape. "Before the album, after the album, I'm just in a space where I'm inspired," he says. "I'm inspired by beats of course, the ones that are on Battle of the Sexes. But even beyond that, I'm jumping on stuff. It's my exercise. I wanna give all my fans something — [the ones] that have been supporting me for the last 10 years — something for free." The mixtape does have a double meaning. "It's as simple as this. Spirit has a double meaning," Luda explains. "When you talk about spirits, you talk about liquors, as in Conjure [cognac]. Then my spirit, I have a hustler's spirit. People that listen to the mixtape have a hustler's spirit. It's a lot of people out there getting money. That's basically what this thing is about. Even in the rap game, you have to sell records, we hustle. This is for the hustlers. Simple as that."

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Ludacris – Talks About His New Conjure Mixtape