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Ludacris Blames Financial Problems On Paul Walker’s Death?

Posted By on February 21, 2014

Atlanta rapper Ludacris is reportedly blaming the death of friend and former Fast and the Furious co-star Paul Walker for his current money problems he is going through.

According to reports, Ludacris claims the money he is losing from the Fast and Furious 7 movie that is on hold right now is causing him finical problems.

 Ludacris can’t afford to pay thousands of dollars in child support — and he’s blaming his financial woes on the death of his “Fast and Furious” co-star Paul Walker. Ludacris was in court Wednesday with his baby mama, Tamika Fuller … who’s demanding Luda pay her $15K a month to take care of his 2-month-old baby daughter, Cai. But Luda went to court and told the judge … he was counting on “Fast and Furious 7” money to make his payments, and the movie is now on hold so his payday went away. (TMZ)

Luda is set to pay roughly $7,000 a month for monthly child support until he returns to court.

 Luda claims he can only pay $1,800 a month — confessing he only made around $55K for 2013. The judge split the baby down the middle, ordering Luda to pay 7K a month for now … while hizzoner reviews all the financial docs. By the way … Tyrese also claimed relative poverty in his child support case because of Walker’s death. (TMZ)

  • Trollhunter

    he didnt blame it directly on the death of walker you fu***n rapbasement trolls

  • mediumsizedrob

    Anyone who needs 15k a month to take care of one kid is the one who has financial issues.

  • ursocalledgod

    im so tired of seeing our black athletes and stars being dead beats. now i agree the cost for these child support cases are high as hell and unfair but come on fam!! yall stupid ass dudes know the chance your taking with these greedy ass women. all this money you dumb asses made and are making and now your claiming broke? smh shit is embarrasing to me as a black man. were always providing ignorant ass people with ammo against our people. CLOWNS

    • Denny R

      first off…. they flipping the story around they not “blaming him” the story is just flipped all around…. 2nd ma nigguh u do not know they situation !!??? lol they might “claim” they broke do you get it ???? all these rappers do the same thing not to pay child support they act broke so they want have to pay as much 15k is tooooo damn much for a child she is going to use less then 1k directly on that child and the rest all her lol

  • jay

    Cuz you worth a couple hundred grand and im worth millions. Yeah right.

    • stevey

      would you pay 15k for child support? I bet you will find any possible excuse to don’t pay that much, that’s why i would be careful who;s pussy would taste my penis without a condom if i where very rich.

      • alvin johnson

        if I had that kind of money…I would not date or sleep with these money hungry females…and if I did..comdom…or go to the doc and get you no what…or go get a chick from Africa…don’t bring her here…and not south Africa…white man done poisoned it two…with there laws…

  • Wizard of Langley


  • Wizard of Langley

    WOW!! That’s Ludicrous