A Day In The Life Of Ludacris (Video)

A Day In The Life Of Ludacris (Video)

     Ludacris is in full promotional mode for his new "Battle Of The Sexes" album and the DTP leader recently let ABC News take you on a "Day And A Night In THe Life Of Ludacris." In the special, Luda first shows fans around his "crib" which is the road, on the Black Eyed Peas Tour with a stop at the BET's "Rip It On The Runway" special.

     Follow Ludacris as he goes from tour bus to tour bus, show to show, television special to television show. Luda shows off his set up on the bus, gets a hair cut and dressed for his appearances, performs live for multiple crowds, talking in between to explain his life. Check out the very interesting behind the scenes feature below!

Ludacris – A Day And Night In THe Life Of Ludacris


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