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Ludacris Talks Being A Sexual Freak

Posted By on March 18, 2010

     After debuting number one with his new "Battle Of The Sexes" album, Luda sat down with Fuse to "Get on the record." Luda says when he made his first song, "Whats Your Fantasy," it was based mainly on fantasys but now at this point in his life, they are from experience. When asked about where the line sexually when you become a "freak." Luda says "it all depends on what one's opinion of 'freak' is" but the DTP leader says "im openly admitting im a freak."Talking about his new album's concept, "I felt like we were missing the female voice so I came with an album where you get both the female and male perspective."

     Ludacris says he writes a lot of his music while he's driving. "My father taught me how to drive with my knees, so I'm a knee driver. I don't encourage any kids to do what I do when I'm writing," Luda added.

     Saying that the number one complaint he hears from old people especially is that you can't understand the lyrics so Ludacris says he makes a "conscience effort" and a "point" to be able to hear and understand his lyrics.

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