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Ludacris Talks Upcoming DTP Albums

Posted By on March 24, 2010

     Ludacris says after all the years he has been in the music game, it feels almost like he is going back to square one. "To me, marking 10 years in the game, it feels like we're starting all
over again," he said. "I'm just as hungry as the first day." Luda went on to talk about the upcoming albums that will be coming out from his Disturbin Tha Peace label…"We got Lil Scrappy about to drop something soon, we got Playaz Circle,
of course, we got Lil Fate, I-20, and we're working on a lot of new
artists that we're gonna unleash on the industry very soon," he said.
"So we got some things in the works. Look for some stuff."

     Previously Luda talked about his upcoming "Ludaversal" album. His new album "Battle of the Sexes" is only on it's
2nd week on the charts, and Ludacris is already talking about his
upcoming new "Ludaversal" album… but Luda says he is not
rushing it. "Details are sketchy but its called Ludaversal.
You'll probably have it
at the end of 2010 or somewhere at the beginning of 2011." Ludacris
then talked about his role in the upcoming "Fast and Furious 5"
movie. "It's not confirmed as of yet. I'm still waiting on a script,
but I've been told that they're working on all of that," he said about
the movie.

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