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Ludacris & Diddy Have Bet On Next Number 1 Single

Posted By on March 30, 2010

     Well it seems that Ludacris and Diddy have a personal bet. Both artists currently are tied with five number one Billboard song singles and now they have a bet laid down to see who will be first to have their sixth. "Diddy, yeah yeah yeah, we have a bet going on," Luda told television host Chelsea Handler recently. "We both have five number one Billboard singles on the charts so we're trying to see who is gonna get that sixth one. [Who will win?] Oh come on now, you know, I'm down for it. [laughs]"

     Rumors of the bet started with Ludacris hit up twitter saying he was the first rapper to have five number one billboard singles to which Diddy congratulated him but let him know that he also holds that title. Luda then said they will both be on a song together soon so if that hit number one, the bet will be who gets to 7 number one singles first.

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