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Ludacris Ghost-Writes For Dr Dre (Audio)

Posted By on July 13, 2009

    Another song allegedly from Dr Dre's upcoming "Detox" album has hit
the net, this time showing that Ludacris is a ghostwriter for the
highly anticipated album. The new song "OGs Theme" [listen here],
which hit the net over the weekend, features Ludacris rapping as Dr
. "With 30 mil sold, where's the f*cking gratitude," Luda raps in
Dre's voice. [listen here] "I see all these little BG's/Mean muggin' on the screen trying to be
me/I'm much more than 6-4's/Gun talk, weed smoke and sick h*es/That's
why most of them have come and went/I just re-coupe, re-create and
re-invent/N*gga welcome to the West Coast/We the home of the jackers
and the best smoke/And ain't no n*gga better than/Doc Dre, I'm a 20
year veteran…" 
[listen here]

    Ludacris confirmed the track on his Twitter account. "RT: LUDACRIS
BY@JCARDIM!!!  Not sure how this leaked," he wrote. "RT: it's funny
hearing you rap as dre.. sick track dude.(via@jrobinsonn) Ha! It was
fun trying. RT: song written for dre has actually been the best joint
written for Dre that has leaked for detox.. (via @prsvr) Appreciated." [listen here]