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Obama Condemns Ludacris Song

Posted By on July 30, 2008

    Ludacris recently put out a pro-Obama song called "Politics: Obama Is Here" [listen here]. Barak Obama has now come out to condem the song. The song that starts off positive when talking about Obama himself with lyrics like “The first is destined and it’s meant to be”, gets negative when it comes to Obama's rivals.

    Ludacris talks first about the Democratic battle where he says “Hillary hated on you/So that b**ch is irrelevant" then continues to Republican nominee John McCain saying “McCain don’t belong in ANY chair unless he’s paralyzed/ Yeah I said it cause Bush is mentally handicapped/ Ball up all of his speeches and I throw ‘em like candy wrap.” [listen here]. Although Obama had said Ludacris was on his iPod, he released the following statement…

    “As Barack Obama has said many, many times in the past, rap lyrics today too often perpetuate misogyny, materialism, and degrading images that he doesn’t want his daughters or any children exposed to,” explained spokesman Bill Burton. “This song is not only outrageously offensive to Senator Clinton, Reverend Jackson, Senator McCain, and President Bush, it is offensive to all of us who are trying to raise our children with values we hold dear. While Ludacris is a talented individual he should be ashamed of these lyrics.”