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Luda Signs With CAA – Talks New Movie

Posted By on August 10, 2009

     Rapper slash Actor Ludacris, better known as an actor as Chris Bridges, has signed with Creative Artists Agency (CAA). The new company will represent him in acting, music and endorsements. Already in negociations with MTV, Starz and BET to develop and produce a scripted and reality TV series including a docu-reality "Inside DTP," Ludacris will now have help from one of the biggest and most respected agencies in the world.

     In related news, Ludacris recently spoke about his upcoming Gamer movie and how he selects the films he is in.
Luda recently spoke on his upcoming Gamer film release and his method of choosing films. [Ludacris Talks Doing Movies & Selecting Hits – Listen Here] "It is about controlling peoples' minds and playing them in a video game," Ludacris said about Gamer. "I look at projects regardless of them being independent or big budget. I like being in involved in what I feel are life changing projects." [Ludacris Talks Doing Movies & Selecting Hits – Listen Here]

Ludacris Talks Doing Movies & Selecting Hits