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Bobby Valentino Reunites With Luda & DTP

Posted By on October 14, 2009

    Former Distrubin Tha Peace singer Bobby Valentino recently talked about hitting the studio again for his new album and told fans they could expect him to be reuniting with Ludacris and DTP. Although he didn't specify which DTP artists, Bobby V also said there is no bad blood between him and Luda. "This game is all about relationships, you never want to burn your bridges and you never know when your gonna need somebody," he said in an interview. "We never had a falling out anyway. We always was cool and it was just time for me to go my separate way and they respected that. I still talk to [Ludacris and manager Chaka Zulu], all the time and we still family. I'm on Playaz Circles' new single and I'm gonna always be on DTP projects. You will see a couple of them on my album as well. Maintaining relationships is just another key to this game, because you never know when you need somebody." [Bobby Valentino – Talks Reuniting With Ludacris & DTP – Watch Here]

    Bobby Valentino then went on to talk about his new album. "I'm working on my new album and as of right now, I'm working on my new mixtape. The mixtape is called 60 Minutes with Bobby V., which should drop around Thanksgiving or Christmas. It's gonna be crazy for the people and my album should be coming around March or April." [Bobby Valentino – Talks About His Upcoming New Album – Watch Here]

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Bobby Valentino – Reunites With Ludacris & DTP