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Ludacris Goes RockNRolla – And Bombs

Posted By on November 3, 2008

    Ludacris does a lot of acting nowadays recently starring in "Max Payne" which debuted number 1 making over $18 million dollars. Well Luda's next acting project, a pretty big role with Jeremey Piven in the new movie "RocknRolla" from director (and recent divorced victim of Madonna) Guy Ritchie, didn't do as well. Debuting over the weekend at number 11, "RockNRolla" only pulled in $1.8 million.

    In a recent interview, Luda said "Me and Jeremy Piven play managers of a rock and roll artist that the
whole movie is named after so we're the only two Americans actually in
the movie, everybody else has that whole London accent," continuing
"It's definitely reminiscent of Snatch or Lock, Stock and Two Smoking
. So make sure you go check that out. Interesting movie.
Gangsta, gansta film."

In related news, Ludacris will have his new album "Theater Of The Mind"
hit stores on November 25th. Many tracks from Luda's new album are already available for you to listen to. Lets start with his first single "Undisputed" [listen/watch here] featuring Flloyd Mayweather and his 2nd single "One More Drink" [listen here] featuring T-Pain. Now new tracks including "Last Of A Dying Breed (Move The Crowd)" [listen here] featuring Lil Wayne and "I Do It For Hip Hop" [listen here] are available, although Ludacris says the tracks are "premature versions."