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Ludacris Talks New Album, Well Kind Of

Posted By on June 30, 2008

    Ludacris didn't take MTV's recent "Hottest MCs In the Game" list to seriously. He recently told them "I'm top five, dead or alive, and MTV, y'all must be out your muthf—ing mind. That's the statement I'm trying to make." With his new album, Theater Of The Mind hitting stores this fall, Luda is working hard to finish up the album, saying that a single is coming in the next few weeks, "Timing is everything."

    Luda says the album is "all of Ludacris' albums put together. So this is album number six. I've
had so much material I've talked about, but it's just creativeness on a
whole 'nother level. You've got some of the fun-loving, funny Ludacris;
you've got some of the serious Ludacris; some of the ill,
slit-your-throat Ludacris; some of the highly competitive Ludacris
all wrapped in one."

    Luda wont give any details on the album as far as collabs or even production saying "I don't know when it's coming. It's like when you go to the mall to buy some clothes and you don't know what you want until you see it. We'll know when it comes out. I definitely have everything planned, but the man who knows he has everything planned knows he don't have sh– planned."