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Ludacris Talks New Reality Show With Tommy Lee

Posted By on June 9, 2008

    Ludacris recently talked to Complex Magazine where he discussed his new eco-friendly reality show with rocker Tommy Lee coming out soon. "The whole reality show is pretty much a competition between him and
myself in an entertaining way, trying to get people to become more
eco-friendly and not tell people that they should or that they must,
it’s more telling people that they could and they can do little things
to help out."

     Luda talked about the rocker saying "after getting to know him, I think that he’s a really, really cool, down-to-earth guy. Crazy as hell, in a good way. I mean, he’s been in this music industry longer than I can imagine, so I’m learning things along the way."

    Luda talked about hanging out with Tommy Lee saying "Yeah man, we’ve been partying. Last night we were on a plane together because we had to leave one city and go to the next one, and we were both in first class, and he was rocking out in first class with his headphones in his damn iPhone. The stewardess is telling him to turn his electronics off, and he doesn’t. He’s completely ignoring everybody on the fucking plane, but he was very close to getting thrown off of that shit."