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Ludacris to extend DTP

Posted By on August 18, 2003

Chingy has given Ludacris’ Disturbing Tha Peace Records a huge summer hit, but Luda’s not stopping thurr.

“It’s showing that we’re successful individuals, that we work hard,” he said of Chingy’s smash single “Right Thurr,” which has given him the confidence to continue building up the label according to MTV.

A drained Luda, in L.A. for Chingy’s next video as well as his own, wouldn’t name names but said he’s in hot pursuit of several artists for DTP Records.

“Man, it’s hard being an artist and running a label at the same time, but it’s what I live for. I was born for this,” the rapper said. “And I learn every day. Just like our artists are learning from us, I’m learning from my artists at the same time.”

“I love all genres of music,” he said. “We are definitely already looking into signing different acts besides just rappers, from R&B to rock and roll to pop. Whatever it is, we about dollars, man. [We] don’t discriminate.”

Before Luda flaunts his next artist, he’s going to release his third major-label album, Chicken & Beer, on October 7. He’s also voicing a character in the upcoming animated movie “Lil’ Pimp” and developing several of his own film projects, including one about his former occupation, a radio DJ.

“On the movie front, there’s a lot of different things in the works, but as of right now I’m concentrating on the album, so it’s like I’m in full music mode,” he said. “I don’t like going back and forth trying to do movies and trying to do music. I like to stay real focused on one thing at a time, but I can definitely tell you that we got a lot of scripts in the works, selling scripts and ideas, being creative with it, not just being in front of the camera, but behind the scenes as well.