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Lupe Fiasco Says Artists Should Stay Indipendent

Posted By on January 6, 2010

    Lupe Fiasco recently shared some advice he has for up-and-coming rappers and music artists, saying he feels they should try to finance themselves before they sign with a major label. "Stay independent, if you can finance yourself, you put in that work
ethic and do it on your own, I definitely think you should try that
route," Lupe explained in an interview. "[At least] before you go into
the professional kind of realm. But each one has its pros and cons.
Sometimes it comes down to finance. You can't say that to a broke
n*gga. Somebody flashing 50, 60 thousand dollars — that means a lot,
especially these days."

    Lupe continued by saying artists should try to build up a buzz of their own before going to any label and although it's up to every individual, he feels going the independent route is the best. "You gotta do what's best for you but I definitely think that if you can muster it up and you got your focus and work ethic at least, you can pull something on your own." [Lupe Fiasco – Interview (Lupe Talks Rappers Signing Indi Deals)]

Lupe Fiasco – Interview (Lupe Talks Rappers Signing Indi Deals)