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Lupe Fiasco Is Character Approved

Posted By on January 28, 2009

    Lupe Fiasco was recently given the "Character Approved" Award from the USA network. The Award for "positively influencing American culture" was also awarded to Shepard Fairey, David Chang, Patrick Robinson, Charles Best, Jimmy Wales and Jennifer Siegal. "People didn't know what to label me as. I try to rap about meaningful things…drug abuse, skateboarding, giant robots" Lupe says [watch here] in a promotional video.

    USA Network selected seven visionary characters based on their cultural
impact, legacy and personas. While each honoree is at a different stage
in his or her career, they are all cultural trailblazers who are
influencing our opinions, style and view of the world. The honorees will be featured in long-form vignettes directed by Henry
Alex Rubin
(Murderball), which will debut Tuesday, January 27 in
primetime on USA Network.

    Watch Lupe Fiasco's "Character Approved" Award Commercial

Lupe Fiasco Wins USA Character Approved Award