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Lupe Fiasco

Lupe Fiasco Is The Enemy Of The State

Posted By on February 1, 2010

     What do you do when you are snubbed by MTV for their list of the top emcees? You make a mixtape. Lupe Fiasco recently explained thats the story behind his new "Enemy Of The State" project. "It was super easy. I did it in two days. Lasers was almost all done… the super ‘I’m the best MC’ — lyrical — there’s wasn’t really room for that on this album. I was like, ‘Let me give my fans that. Let me let them know that I’m still capable of that. Let me show MTV I’m hot too.’ Kept it short. I felt, if you’re nice, you don’t need an hour. You don’t need one hour and 35 minutes. You don’t need 100 freestyles every week. You need a nice demonstration of what you’re capable of doing very effectively, and you step back. Leave you wanting more. Sometimes the best part of the movie is the trailer."

     Check out the video clip below which features mini-videos for tracks like "Turnt Up" and "Say Something," both of which Lupe says he made without hearing the original songs. "I just heard the beat and ‘Say Something,’ the freestyle came out. I could have kept going. I could have rapped over that for 20 minutes."

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