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Lupe Talks Collab Album With Kanye & Pharrell

Posted By on March 10, 2011

     Lupe Fiasco is once again talking about the possible collaboration "Child Rebel Soldier" album, which would feature fellow rapper slash stars Kanye West and Pharrell Williams.

"Honestly I don't know, it's all scheduling," Lupe explained in an interview. "We're all three independent artists, all working. It's not like we're dormant, we're all working, so it's about finding that moment where we can all get together and sit down, and come up with the songs and the ideas. We just haven't had the opportunity to do that as of late, enough to put an album, a serious album together, and even if we get to that point, the business of the album coming out is ridiculous because it's three separate labels, three separate interests and that's going to be a paperwork nightmare. So there's elements to it – big hurdles that need to be jumped before we can proceed with it properly and give people what they want, which is an album." (Gigwise)

     In related news, the three did hook up to make the "Us Placers" music videoa a while back, check it out below!

CRS – "Us