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Lupe Fiasco Is Pissed His Single Leaked

Posted By on June 18, 2009

    Lupe Fiasco is pissed. Earlier this week his new "Shinning Down" [listen here] track leaked and he wants to know who is responsible. Lupe took to his blog to first let it be known how he feels about the situation. "I DON'T LEAK MY OWN RECORD!!!!," the Chi-town rapper wrote. "I'M NOT A FAN OF LEAKING RECORDS OR OF DOWNLOADING!!!! My entire first album leaked and possibly cost me from going platinum my first time out as the final estimates of how many people actually downloaded that album illegally was well over half a million."

    Lupe went on to explain how he says the first single from his upcoming "Lasers" album leaked. "Someone hacked my email. I was about to fire my entire staff and cut off relationships over shining down leaking last night. Bun B hit me and was like 'the records dope' and i was like 'what record?' nobody even has it. the only possible explanation is my email chain with the mix studio (which is air tight…the studio that is) was hacked and thats where the record came from. Lastly, the album is f*cking ridiculous. I dont like to brag or sh*t like that but the album is sooo f*cking crazy at this point 95% done."

    In related news, Mathew Santos, who is featured on the track "Shinning Down" [listen here], took to his blog to confirm that the song was leaked and it wasn't finished. "Shining Down was hacked and leaked," he wrote via Twitter. "It's not the final version though! please wait for the official release!"