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Lupe Says Jay-Z’s Word Means More

Posted By on September 9, 2010

      Lupe Fiasco recently defined what he really tghinks it means to be a success and how he does not sweat trying to impress the media. Lupe says that the mere fact that Jay-Z sees him as a great rapper is more important than a good review.

      "So let's look at success is for me. When Jay-Z told me I was nice when I was 19, I was done. That was success for me. I didn't want much. Little kid from the hood who wanted to be a rapper, my idol at the time told me I was nice. I was done. And I used to say that to people, 'Listen, Jay-Z says I'm nice, so I don't need to rap for you. I'm good.' [Laughs.] I don't really care about the five mics, I don't care about the XXL ratings–not the magazines, I mean the ratings. I don't care about Pitchfork's 8.1 or 6.2 or whatever, The Rolling Stone's five stars or four stars. Jay-Z said I was nice, so as a rapper I'm good. And I'm better than you. And I can really rap. And you'll even say that I'm better than you. And just when you think that I'm not…go to sleep!"


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