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Lupe Fiasco

Lupe Fiasco Plans to Retire

Posted By on September 12, 2012

Lupe Fiasco is on the verge of retiring after being soured to the music industry by the usual bullshit. He has made hints about retiring for awhile now but has pretty much made his mind up that Food & Liquor 2 will be his last album.

“This album will probably be my last…its been a pleasure to have all my fans provide so much love an inspiration for me and my family,” he tweeted September 5th.

“but my heart is broken and i see no comfort further along this path only more pain. I cannot participate any longer in this…”

“My first true love was literature so i will return to that…lupe fiasco ends here…”


“To @ThelupENDblog and Sean the robot…Thank u brother A gift…Unfinshed…but still fitting #ATpt2”

“peace and much love 2 ya!….” (Lupe Fiasco’s Twitter)

“It’s not too much of a drastic, revolutionary thing. It’s the end of one thing, stepping into another capacity now. Music business is a very taxing thing, I’ve done it for a long time. I’ve been doing it for like 12, 13 years, in various capacities. Major labels, almost every major label. And it’s just time to do something else. I don’t really look at it as being that crazy of an idea. I don’t really look at it like that. As soon as this contract is up, I’m going to step more into an independent space and have the freedom to do whatever we want.” (Hard Knock TV)

Food and Liquor 2 Track listing
1. “Ayesha Says” (Intro) Ayesha Jaco 1:57
2. “Strange Fruition” (featuring Casey Benjamin) Wasalu Muhammad Jaco Soundtrakk 3:42
3. “ITAL (Roses)” Jaco, Lamar Edwards, Kenneth Alexander, Brody Brown, Ally Brooke 1500 or Nothin’ 4:25
4. “Around My Way (Freedom Ain’t Free)” Jaco, Peter Phillips, Corey Penn B-Side, DJ Simonsayz 4:16
5. “Audubon Ballroom” Jaco Fatimes & Bullit 4:40
6. “Bitch Bad” Jaco The Audibles 4:49
7. “Lamborghini Angels” Jaco Mr. Inkredible 3:16
8. “Put Em Up” Jaco, Edwards, Alexander, Brown, Brooke 1500 or Nothin’ 3:56
9. “Heart Donor” (featuring Poo Bear) Jaco, Jason Boyd, Jermaine Jackson, Andrew Harr The Runners 4:00
10. “How Dare You” (featuring Bilal) Jaco, Bilal Oliver, Boyd Poo Bear & Klypso 4:09
11. “Battle Scars” (with Guy Sebastian) Jaco, Guy Sebastian, David Ryan Harris Pro-Jay, Guy Sebastian 4:10
12. “Brave Heart” (featuring Poo Bear) Jaco, Boyd, Jackson, Harr The Runners 3:26
13. “Form Follows Function” Jaco, Marco Diaz Infamous 4:23
14. “Cold War” (featuring Jane $$$) Jaco 6:27
15. “Unforgivable Youth” (featuring Jason Evigan) Jaco King David 4:56
16. “Hood Now” (Outro) Jaco, Edwards, Alexander, Brown, Brooke 1500 or Nothin’ 6:21
17. “Things We Must Do For Others” Jaco 0:12